Jigsaw Puzzle Mix

Jigsaw Puzzle Mix 2.42

Jigs@w Puzzle is a truly realistic jigsaw puzzle game
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Tibo has recently launched into the market a truly realistic jigsaw puzzle game intended to please all puzzle fans. Jigsaw Puzzle Mix includes all you need to create gorgeous puzzles. It’s really easy to use: you can create your own puzzles from your favorite photos in any format: jpg, tif, gif, among many others. You can even create puzzles from movies what represents a very interesting feature never seen before in a puzzle game. What is more, Jigsaw Puzzle Mix gives you the possibility to add background music to your creations to make them even more enjoyable. And, the game allows you to modify your puzzles anytime: you can change their difficulty, the shape of pieces, etc. Jigsaw Puzzle Mix provides a very comfortable puzzling environment and top-rate graphics. All puzzle pieces have slick outlines, beveled edges and they cast real shadows. The game includes a very convenient feature that gives you the possibility to send your puzzles to anyone by e-mail or create standalone puzzle games in exe format! All in all, Jigsaw Puzzle Mix is a great game you cannot miss to play. Download it now from the developer’s website and give full rein to your imagination!

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  • Create puzzles from pictures and even from movies!
  • Add background music to your creations
  • Fun and suitable for all ages


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